February 2018…

February marks three months since we officially launched and what a busy quarter it has been! Building on our work from December 17 and January 18, February has been no less busy. We have

  • supported member Ellenborough Park with their work to engage a Japanese delegation of tour operators, who are visiting the town at the beginning of March. We supplied suggested itineraries and activities that will show the town off to best effect, and ahead of the visit we will be supporting with logistics and bookings
  • worked hard to revamp and relaunch the Visit Cheltenham website, which has now been live for a week. Our initial focus was on retaining the existing content and site rankings, while improving the user journey and interface; now that the site has launched, our focus for March will be to extend the content considerably to make it even more engaging and comprehensive, including more topical focus on our members and the town
  • built on our work in January for the Sunday Times Press Trip with journalist Nick; we completed all aspects of the itinerary booking and supplied additional supporting information. Nick had a brilliant visit mid-February and wrote an exceptional article featuring many Cheltenham businesses. See the results and read the article here…
  • progressed and helped to host the Light Up Cheltenham event in Cheltenham town centre, in association with Cheltenham BID, which saw many of our iconic building lit up in a stunning array. Visitors were also wowed with the special Valentine’s red in Cupid’s honour. See the results here…
  • collated information and content for an ITV filming opportunity, as part of Ladies Day at Cheltenham Festival. The feature will include businesses who are offering extra special Ladies Day events in the Town and will be filmed on Wednesday 14th March
  • begun delivery of the marketing and operations for  Cheltenham Beauty Week in association with Cheltenham BID, ahead of the official launch in March. Our work includes branding for the event and ideas progression for a number of host venues to support the event. Watch this space…
  • in January we teased you with the notion of our revamp of one of Cheltenham’s iconic products and we’re proud to reveal it is the Romantic Road Driving Tour. The Romantic Road, which guides visitors on two circular routes, starting and ending in Cheltenham, used to be incredibly popular before eventually becoming lost. Now the tour is up and running again and can be booked as a complete tour with accommodation through our partner Compass Holidays, with the routes themselves available from the Tourist Information Centre very soon
  • ahead of the ExploreGB tourism summit at the beginning of March, at which we are representing Cheltenham, we have also assessed and developed a ‘Fly, Shop & Explore’ product, which encourages the use of chartered flights to our Partner  Gloucestershire Airport, as a route into the County with an encouragement to shop and explore in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. The product will be pitched direct to Tour Operators and developed as a bespoke offering to suit their individual clientele
  • as part of our evaluation of the visitor experience, February has seen us embark on an audit of the Tourist Information provision for Cheltenham; where it stands now, how it can be improved and how it can better support businesses in the area. The results of this report and a proactive improvement plan will be announced later this year and the upgrade will be targeted for completion ahead of the 2019 season
  • underway at the moment is a bedstock audit of the town to determine the number of bedrooms available for visitors to the town and the average occupancy rates and prices of the rooms. This will be used to inform tourism strategy and target growth during off-peak times and as a library, will also enable the launch of a number of initiatives including an MICE booking desk
  • provided information to 8 journalists and bloggers this month in support of the many features they have planned
  • in collaboration with Cheltenham BID, we have begun securing and promoting a series of business interviews with owners and managers in the Town, which are being shared via the Visit Cheltenham platforms. These will continue throughout the year, and our first interviews with Andrew Kojima of Koj and Ian Renton from Cheltenham Racecourse / The Jockey Club
  • now confirmed our partnership with Cheltenham Hospitality Association which will see our members benefit from some of the offerings of both, and will afford CHA members a discount off our prices in recognition of the partnership
  • undertaken a new Photography project for the Town, improving our image library and securing more up to date photographs. These are being used on the Visit Cheltenham website, in all our promotion and will be made available for our members to use. The library now features shopping, nights out, food & drink, walking, activities and the iconic areas of Cheltenham
  • become a Great West Way Destination Partner with Cotswold Tourism. The Great West Way is a £1.4million project to bring overseas visitors out of London using a new touring route. Our work includes support with developing materials for tour operators and resellers and helping to signpost Cheltenham as a destination, ahead of the programme launch in October 2018.

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