October 2018

October for Cheltenham started with a bang with the Cheltenham Literature Festival; it was a record-breaking year for the Festival and Cheltenham, with 141,500 tickets issues and 760 authors on site. In addition, Cheltenham gained a great new trail around the town thanks to Cheltenham BID and Cheltenham Trust, who have put together the ‘Hidden Cheltenham’ trail, revealing lesser known historic facts about the town. Did you know that the first successful parachute jump by an Englishman, landed in Montpellier Gardens; or that the last man in England arrested for Blasphemy was arrested right here in Cheltenham? Amazing!

In other news, we too have had a busy month and here’s just some of what we got up to…

  • Organised itineraries for and hosted journalists and influencers from more than 25 publications including China Financial Times, China New Weekly, Yorkshire Post, Swindon Advertiser and Louise Loves London among others.
  • Hosted 16 regional influencers and bloggers from Bristol and The Cotswolds, taking them on a tour of the town. The Regency Cheltenham Cycle Trail, lunch at Cotswold Grange, a visit to Cheltenham Literature Festival and free-time to explore the town culminated in some excellent social coverage, fantastically inspirational images, and plenty of conversation about the town. The full results are expected in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled on the news page for more!
  • Attended the VIBE conference in London hosted by Visit Britain, where we met 30 Visit Britain representatives from around the World, whose responsibility is to represent Britain in overseas markets. They are instrumental in creating links which drive international tourists to Cheltenham.
  • Analysed our stats for the website and social media platforms, since the content plan was revamped in April. In five months, we’ve achieved some BIG results, including a 6.12% uplift in visitors to the website, an extra 50,000 page views when compared with the previous year and a reach of 492,693 across the social media platforms. You can see the full results in our infographic here…
  • Released a collaborative retail video with Fashion Influencer and Image Consultant Kate Evans, taking you on a journey around Kate’s favourites from Cheltenham’s shopping scene. The video has reached just under 60,000 people to date, with 36,000 video views and 2,003 engagements on social media. Watch the video for yourself at the bottom of our page.
  • Took part in the ‘Cummings County Quiz’ on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. We started on Monday 29th October (and finished on 2nd November), scoring 42 out of 50 with our knowledge of the County. The good news is we got every Cheltenham question right (phew!) and we’re joint leaders for the series so far!
  • Added the core Christmas Events to our Facebook Page which have achieved massive viral reach in just 10 days. They include:
  • Grew the content on the website, with stats for October as follows:
    • over 35,603 unique users for the month
    • a whopping increase of uplift of 38.2% or 9,842 visitors to the site when compared with 2017
    • 98,413 page views, up 39.26% since last year
  • Continued to build the Visit Cheltenham social media channels (which were revamped in April), including:
    • 19 pieces of content curated and distributed via the Visit Cheltenham blog
    • reaching 33,600 people via Twitter
    • reaching 154,905 people via Facebook, gaining 9,170 individual engagements on our posts (not including the events listed above)
    • reaching 65,849 people via Instagram
  • Securing press coverage of Cheltenham via our support of journalists which reached 280,853 people in September
  • Welcomed our new members on board including No. 49 The Grill, Beaumont House, WoodKraft and Margaret Dabbs.

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