April-October content review

At the very end of February, we relaunched the Visit Cheltenham website, refreshing its design, content and copy for a better user experience and to showcase the best of the town and its businesses to better effect. March saw us consolidate the relaunch with extra pages and tweaks to the site based on performance data before in April, we launched a brand new content strategy which included:

  • relaunching the social media channels and giving them a better sense of purpose and more strategic content
  • adding a blog to the Visit Cheltenham website and using it to showcase the town and our members
  • adding more than 150 new pages to the site, most permanent, with some transient pages linked to core events and themes.

The end of September saw the official end to the first six months content strategy and with it an analysis of the performance of the site. You can take a look at just some of the achievements in our infographic below, which you can also download as a PDF version here…

Website Performance Infographic Five Months.jpg