Here’s some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received from potential members. If you can’t find what you need here, then email us to ask your own question:

How much will it cost me?

Having reviewed a number of tourism membership models across the UK, and spoken to the people who run them, we’ve settled on a model which allows all members to access all benefits, but charges according to business size. Full details of the prices can be found here…

What’s the difference in benefits for small businesses and large?

Pretty much nothing. Based on our consultations with local businesses, and with UK-wide membership schemes, common feedback was that businesses want the opportunity to access all benefits and decide what works for them. We respect that, and so we’ve created a list of benefits which all our members can access regardless of their size. See the list here…

Can’t find the benefit you want, need or value; email us to make a suggestion.

I want to be a member of cotswolds.com and Marketing Cheltenham. What’s the difference and can I join both?

Absolutely! Marketing Cheltenham works closely with Cotswolds Tourism, if you would like to be a member of both Tourism Membership schemes you would receive 25% discount off each pricing structure.

The remit of Cotswolds Tourism is to promote The Cotswolds as a Destination, nationally and internationally, including but not limited to Cheltenham. Their focus is on big picture stuff, attracting visitors who are coming to the UK, and domestic tourists from our shores and encouraging them to visit the region. Our role as Marketing Cheltenham is to promote Cheltenham specifically, attract visitors to visit and stay within Cheltenham, visit more regularly and spend more, and also to support the Resident experience and use of the town. See more about our role here…

We have partnered with Cotswold Tourism so that our members benefit from their exceptional hard work raising awareness of the region, and have negotiated for all our members, large and small, to get a basic entry level listing on cotswolds.com. You’ll also then benefit from our work producing content, which will be shared via the Cotswold Tourism channels, giving you the best of both worlds. Even better, both memberships are administered through one contact.

I’m a member of Cotswold Tourism already and am not due to renew yet, can I join Marketing Cheltenham now and how does this work?

Marketing Cheltenham works closely with Cotswolds Tourism, if you would like to be a member of both Tourism Membership schemes you would receive 25% discount off each pricing structures. Contact us for further details on this.

I’m outside the Cheltenham Borough Council boundary but class myself as Cheltenham. Can I still join?

Yes! We’d love to have you on board. Contact us here…

A few of your benefits aren’t applicable to all members. Why not?

All of our benefits are available for all of our members to use at their discretion, however naturally some won’t fit the profile of your business. For example, our proposed MICE booking platform for conference, event and meeting venues is only relevant if you can take these kinds of bookings. There are plenty of benefits to choose from, and plenty to maximise the value of your membership with us, so we know you’ll find lots to work.

I’m not VAT registered; do I need to pay VAT on top?

Unfortunately, you do. With our pricing model, we have tried to account and compensate for smaller businesses, adding in an introductory tier at £250 +VAT. We believe that this is affordable for small businesses, whilst still enabling us to make the scheme self-funding and sustainable, which is the long-term need for the Town.

I’m a member of Cheltenham BID; do I get a discount?

Cheltenham BID has invested in Marketing Cheltenham on your behalf, allocating a proportion of your Cheltenham BID levy to make use of the Marketing Cheltenham / Visit Cheltenham channels. This means that you are already part-paid for membership. At the time of joining, we’ll deduct this from the total fee, and you simply need to pay the difference.